Pre-Arrest Investigations

Mr. Schisani has handled many pre-arrest investigations in his criminal defense career. He understands from experience the high stakes associated with a serious criminal investigation, and therefore, knows the importance of being proactive and attacking these cases from the start. What typically occurs is the agency will conduct their own internal investigation, and then depending on the circumstances, evidence, and what is done at the inception stage by defense counsel, will generally either do nothing with the criminal investigation or create a package of their investigation to punt off to the State Attorney’s Office for said office to make a formal decision on pursuing charges—essentially cleaning their hands of the matter. This is why it is so critical to have a criminal defense attorney involved with the early stages of the investigation. Conceivably, there is a chance that defense counsel can get to the agency in time to mitigate or kill the matter altogether before an arrest occurs or before charges are filed by the State. Naturally, this depends on the unique facts of the case and how quickly we are able to get to the relevant agency; however, we have extensive experience dealing with these matters.

If you’re contacted by law enforcement officers conducting an investigation, we highly recommend against submitting to an interrogation/questioning or providing any kind statement to the agency. It’s human nature to feel the need to explain yourself, in an attempt to clear up a misunderstanding. Many individuals comply with law enforcement and go to the police department to speak with authorities concerning a criminal investigation. However, things can go very wrong as officers frequently get suspects to self-incriminate themselves by insisting that everything will be okay, if they give the agency what they want. Unfortunately, from experience, this typically does not work in a suspect’s favor, and typically results in evidence being staked against the individual, and subsequently an arrest and charges filed. Under the law, anything you say to authorities may be used against. You need an attorney who can look out for your best interest during police investigations, which is why it is imperative you seek representation and are protected.

The Schisani Law Firm, P.A. provides thorough and extensive pre-arrest investigation representation. Mr. Schisani has prevented many clients from being arrested or charged with crimes because of the proactive approach he utilizes; and therefore, is able to get on the case at the start of the investigation—before the client is interrogated or questioned. Mr. Schisani may be able to discover witnesses or evidence that exonerates the suspect or that illustrates they the suspect has been falsely accused. There are so many different strategies Mr. Schisani has utilized over the past years to free his clients from any wrongdoing—at the inception of the investigation. Ethically, attorneys cannot make any guarantees, but our results speak for themselves. With pre-arrest representation, Mr. Schisani has protected a myriad of clients suspected of serious criminal allegations–e.g. sex crimes, battery, trafficking drugs, grand theft, murder, among other substantial crimes–from being arrested or formally charged.